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grow with help and support

lots of resources are there for you

New People, Places, Ideas: Learn out of Class

College is about more than training for a career. It's also about discovering yourself and learning to think and live independently. A lot of that occurs outside the classroom. The new people you meet. The new environments you visit. The new ideas you find. This is the stuff that helps you learn more about life.

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Answers from three students:

"College has helped me become a better communicator and critical thinker. It has allowed me to meet many new people and hear many new perspectives."

"College has helped me become a stronger leader. I've learned so much from my classes and my activities outside the classroom. It's a great opportunity to learn who you are and to prepare for the 'real world.'"

"I've done so many things that I had never done before. I explored the city all by myself, took a bus to a different state and took a road trip with my school's Alternative Spring Break group. I joined a bunch of groups and activities, and I learned to get myself up in the morning!"

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Academic Support: Make the Grades

Yes, new people and places are great. But you still need to succeed in the classroom.

Because your college wants you to succeed, you'll find it provides tons of resources to help you. Some examples are:

  • Academic advising. Advisers can help you find a major that's a good fit for you and help you choose the courses that will keep you on track to graduate.
  • Tutoring. When you have difficulty with a particular class, tutors are often available to help you one-on-one.
  • Academic counseling. Get help building basic academic skills, like setting goals, taking notes, overcoming test anxiety, and more.
  • Study groups. Many schools encourage students to work together outside of class to help one another succeed in a particular course.
  • Services for first-generation, low-income and disabled students. Some colleges offer academic support geared especially for students whose backgrounds may create challenges for them.


Need More Help? Find more resources for students with disabilities.


Travis - view profile
"Meeting new people is a common anxiety among freshmen college students, and I can definitely relate. I found that the best way to get over my fear was to daily step out of my comfort zone."
Your "I'm going" guide Travis,
Texas A&M University

Social Support: Count on It

Your college will also have many resources to support your social and emotional well-being.

On-campus counseling services can help with issues such as homesickness, roommate conflicts, family problems, dating and more.

There are also clubs and social organizations that can help you have more fun during college. They can even lead you to new career paths.