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Allen University - Transfer Information

Deadlines | Requirements | Population | Placement Options


Transfer applicants are accepted and are not limited to fall.

Application deadlines for transfer applicants:

  • Fall: July 31
  • Spring: December 31
Transfer applicants must accept offer of admission by:
  • Fall: July 31
  • Spring: December 31

Transfer Requirements

  • Admissions interview for transfer applicants is recommended.
  • Essay from transfer applicant is not required.
  • Both secondary school and college transcripts required.
  • Lowest course grade that may be transferred for credit: C

    Transfer Population

  • Number of completed transfer applications received for Fall : 6
  • Number of transfer applicants offered admission for Fall : 5
  • Number of transfer applicants offered admission who enrolled for Fall : 5
  • Percentage of all new students who were transfers into all classes in Fall : 2%

    Placement Options

  • Restrictions of CEEB Advance Placement options: Contact School Directly
  • The CLEP general exams offer Credit and Placement.
  • The CLEP subject exams offer Credit and Placement.
  • Relevant military experience offers Credit and Placement.