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University of North Carolina at Wilmington - Admission Requirements

General Information | High School | Standardized Tests

General Information
  • For a personal orientation and interaction session a campus visit is not required.
  • An admissions interview is not required.
  • This College charges a non-refundable Application Fee of $45, International Students Application Fees $45
  • Special admission programs exist.
    • Applicants may be admitted with deficiency in foreign language units but must complete requirement before graduation.
  • Minimum combined SAT I score of 800 and minimum 2.0 GPA required.

High School

This information will give you a better insight into various college requirements for high school seniors applying for admission.

  • Graduation from secondary school is recommended. Be aware that the GED is accepted in lieu of graduation.
  • This college requires a minimum number of secondary school units for freshmen admissions as listed below

      Subject Required Recommended
      Units of English 4.00  
      Units of Math 3.00  
      Units of Science 3.00  
      Science units
      that must be lab
      Units of For. Language 2.00  
      Units of Social Studies 2.00  
      Units of History 1.00  
      Units of Electives 5.00  
      Elective Units that
      must be academic
      Total Units 20.00  

Standardized Tests

The Standardized Testing requirements for this school are as follows:

  • SAT I or ACT is required, and is used for admissions. However, SAT I is preferred.