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City University of New York The College of Staten Island - Computer, Library & Handicap Facilities

Computer Facilities|Library Facilities|Handicap Facilities

Computer Facilities

  • Every student is not required to take a computer course.
  • Every student is not required to lease or own a computer.
  • Computer Lab for Students and Faculty
  • Macintosh/Apple
  • RISC-/UNIX-based PCs
  • PowerPC-based

  • This school has 1800 computers
  • Students may acess BITNET.
  • Students may acess CompuServe.
  • Students may acess Internet.

Library Facilities

The library contains:

  • 191713 Bound Volumes
  • 1429 Periodical Subscriptions
  • 485539 Microforms
  • 4 CDRoms
  • 1585 Audio/Visuals

Handicap Facilities

  • The campus area is mostly accessible to physically disabled students.