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Scripps College

Athletic Information|Men's Sports|Women's Sports

Athletic Information

  • 10% of our students participate in varsity and/or club intercollegiate sports.
  • 20% of our students participate in intramural and/or recreational sports.
  • Athletic Conference(s): SCIAC, NCAA Division III
  • Athletic Facilities: football stadium, heated swimming pool, gymnasiums, weight room, baseball, soccer, and intramural fields
  • Intramural Sports: Alpine skiing, basketball, bowling, dance, riding, sailing, soccer, tennis, volleyball
  • Club Sports for Men: - Please consult this school directly -
  • Club Sports for Women: riding, sailing, skiing
  • Other Activities: Pep Band,


Mens Varsity Sports

    SportScholarshipAthletic Association

Womens Varsity Sports

    SportScholarshipAthletic Association
    volleyball   NCAA (Div: III)
    water polo   NCAA (Div: III)
    softball   NCAA (Div: III)
    swimming   NCAA (Div: III)
    tennis   NCAA (Div: III)
    track and field (outdoor)   NCAA (Div: III)
    golf   NCAA (Div: III)
    soccer   NCAA (Div: III)
    diving   NCAA (Div: III)
    cross-country   NCAA (Div: III)
    basketball   NCAA (Div: III)