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National College Academic Experience

Past Performance | Probation Policy|Academic Calendar | Graduate Career Data

Past Performance

What Do We Like To Study?

Most Popular Majors

Least Popular Majors
  • business administration/computer information systems


Probation Policy

The minimum GPA required for all students to remain off probation during their entire college tenure is:

Graduation Policy:

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar System:

  • Quarter System (four terms comprise academic year)

Summer Sessions:

  • 1 summer session(s) that consist of 11 weeks.

New student orientation:

  • Orientation for new students is held in June, July, August, September, November, and March.

Graduate Career Data

Percentage of graduates who pursue further study:
  • 7% continue within 5 years.
List of graduate schools most often selected by our recent graduates:
  • U of South Dakota.
99% of our graduates choose careers in business and industry.

100% of our graduates enter into a job market related to their major within two years of graduation.

Firms that most frequently hire our graduates:
  • American Airlines, Arthur Andersen, AT&T, Citibank, Compu-Com, Continental Airlines, Disney World, GTE, MCI, Schwann's.