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Marymount Manhattan College - Services for Learning Disabled Students

Programs|Application Requirements|Student Services|Term and Staff Information

About Learning Disabled Programs and Services

The College's program for students with learning disabilities is designed to provide a structure that fosters academic success. The Access program welcomes applicants whose school records and documents evidence the skills, intellectual potential, and commitment necessary to overcoming their learning difficulties. With accommodations and multifaceted support they will be able to handle the same curriculum as other qualified applicants to Marymount.

Criteria for Admission to the Program is based on:
  • A diagnosis of dyslexia or primary learning disability, or AD/HD
  • Intellectual potential within the average to superior range
  • Skill levels on achievement testing indicating ability to handle the MMC curriculum with some or all of the following: accommodations, Access support, and/or a reduced course load
  • A record which predicts a serious commitment in attitude and work habits to meeting the Program and college academic requirements

Application Requirements

  • A completed a standard application to the college through the Office of Admissions with all required transcripts, letters of recommendations, and test scores.
  • A letter signed by the applicant stating the wish to apply through the Access program WISC-R or WAIS-R scores also required.
    • Results of a recent (within 3 years) complete psycho-educational evaluation. Evaluations must comply with Documentation Guidelines for Learning Disability.
    • A one or two page typed personal statement about interests and goals for college study and career.

Learning Disabled Student Services
  • Two hours of individual tutoring weekly with a professional to reinforce and develop skills and effective study strategies within content-area subjects. Students who have been admitted to the full-time program are required to demonstrate commitment to overcoming learning difficulties through regular attendance in tutoring
  • Academic advisement/counseling to develop a program plan suited to individual needs
  • Priority registration in college courses as well as workshops sponsored by the program
  • Personal coaching to articulate and work through social and emotional problems related to learning weaknesses
  • Use of technical support such as laptop computers for note-taking and on-site computers equipped with dictation software. Additional software for skill development is also available for program participants
  • Use of Kurzweil 3000 software at on-site workstation
  • Assignment of in-class student note takers as needed
  • Accommodations that may include separate and alternative forms of testing, extended time, use of laptops, tape-recorders and calculators, and assignment of note takers.
  • Learning Disabled students are tutored individually.
  • Credit is not given for remedial courses taken.

Learning Disabled Term and Staff Information
  • The Learning Disabled student program runs on a full term.
  • A lighter course load is given to Learning Disabled students.
  • Additional time is given to complete degree.
  • Extra costs for Learning Disabled students are $4000 per year.
  • Dr. Ann Jablon, Director, is the key staff person available to work with Learning Disabled students.
  • Contact Dr. Ann Jablon, Director, for more information on Learning Disabled programs at 212-774-0725.